Sri Sarada Niketan College for Women, Amaravathipudur, Karaikudi accords a warm welcome to all who visit this web-site and others as well who may do so sooner or later. 'Educate a Girl; Educate a Generation'. The reward from girl's education is multiple, divergent and exponential. Sri Sarada Niketan College for Women, Amaravathipudur, Karaikudi is committed to provide exponentially rewarding education to women, laced further with spiritual nuances, cultural shades and national hallmarks making the learning holistic and benefitting the society and nation as much as the individual.

Environment makes a person. It is an axiom that every scholarly person who visited our campus wrote, 'The College setting is something akin to a Divinely Paradig'. Such utterances by erudite scholars only reflect the spontaneous spiritual (fulfilling) feeling they experienced emanating from the depths of the heart, going to the high of the head and finally flowing down through the hand on to the Guests Memoir.

Yes, you are tempted to visit us; and enroll with us too! You can. You will. It is our pleasure to provide you/your ward with the best of education to ensure Empowerment, Enhancement & Enrichment of the Mind, Brain and Will, and to achieve the Excellence of Harmony of Head, Hand & Heart.


You may have a glimpse of our ‘Panchsheel’ - the Five Epitomes of our Institution!

  • Ideal Nation with Ideal Students.
  • Harmonizing Head, Hand & Heart (HHHH) in tuning the talents of learners committed to Individual, Societal and Nation building.
  • Empowering the Women Students of all nativities to excel in their justly chosen ways of life through right balance of Thought, Word and Deed.
  • Sensitizing the Women Students on the Hoary Divinity of our land so that our Current actions of Head, Hand & Heart bequeath a valued paradigm for posterity.


Bliss Lotus Bloom Smart

BLISS: Bestowing Learner Involved Spiritual Sense.
LOTUS: Laddering Original Thinking upon Students.
BLOOM: Being Learned, Organized, Operative and Meticulous.
SMART: Steering Mind along Research and Technology.

Quality Policy

Always Being Committed Diligently to Quality Ushering Initiatives Catalyzing Knowledge (ABCD 2 QUICK).


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