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B.Sc Physics B.Com [CA]
B.Sc Computer Science B.B.A
B.Sc Information Technology B.A English Literature
B.Sc Bio-Chemistry B.A Tamil Literature


M.Sc (CS & IT)
M.Sc Mathematics
M.A English





Tamil is one of the most ancient classical languages in the world, with a long literary history which cannot be precisely dated. The variety and quality of classical Tamil literature has led to its being described as “One of the greatest classical Tamil traditions and literatures of the world”. We can speak volumes of its antiquity, legacy, beauty, nuances and rich tradition of Tamil literature. The Department of Tamil has been functioning since the establishment of the College, 1997, as a language Department. To improve the linguistic skills and literature knowledge of Tamil among the students, B.A. Tamil Literature was introduced in 2005. Many Seminars and Conferences are organized frequently by great Tamil scholars and eminent Professors of Tamil. We are creating awareness about the importance of Tamil language to students and try to enroll many students.

B_A_ Tamil Syllabus (2017-18)

Faculty Members

  • Dr.Mrs.G.Geetha, M.A, M.Phil, T.P.T, Ph.D
  • Dr.Mrs.T.Punithavathi M.A, M.Phil, T.P.T, Ph.D
  • Ms.A.Maheswari M.A. M.Phil.
  • Ms.A.Panchavarnam M.A, M.Phil.


The Department of English has been functioning since 1997, the inception of the College as a language Department with 2 faculty members. English language ignites triumphant excellence in communication and literary skills. To improve the communicative and literary skills among the women students and to help them enter into the challenging tasks, UG program in English was started in 2010 and PG Program in English was started in 2013. Within a short span, the Department has recorded tremendous growth with 106 students both UG & PG and 9 staff-members. The Department is aspiring to establish a high-tech language laboratory soon. To equip students with a sound knowledge of literature and to strengthen their language and communication skills, the Department regularly organizes special grammar coaching classes and guest lectures by eminent scholars. To enhance knowledge on current trends in learning and teaching English language, Conferences and Seminars have been organized by the Department. Post-Graduate Program in English Literature is on the anvil.

B_A English Syllabus (2017-18)

M_A_ English Syllabus (2017-18)

Faculty Members

  • MS.A.Ramani M.A, M.Phil.
  • Ms. A.Shanmugavadivu, M.A. M.Phil.
  • Ms.S.Geetha Devi, M.A, M.Phil.
  • Ms.M.Bharathi Neela Priya, M.A, M.Phil.
  • Ms.M.Muthulakshmi M.A, M.Phil.


The Department of physics has been functioning since 2004. The aim is to impart through knowledge on the fundamental principles of the several branches of Physics among students. Students and faculty members are provided with a well-equipped laboratory with latest equipment and a good library. To create knowledge in the current trends in physics among students & faculty members many seminars have been organized through the Einstein Physics Forum.

B_Sc_ Physics Syllabus (2017-18)

Faculty Member

  • Ms.G.Kavitha, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed.
  • Ms.A.Geetha , M.Sc, M.Phil.,
  • Ms.D.Nagajothi, M.Sc.

    The Department of Biochemistry has been functioning since inception of the College, 1997. At the start it had just 14 students and 2 faculty members. As a fine mix of Biology & Chemistry the Department has been growing catering to the academic and intellectual needs of the present times. It provides a great platform to the students to undergo higher education & research in any area of bio-chem sciences. The Department, now functions with 44 students and 4 faculty members and has produced many University Rank holders. In the last one decade, the Department has produced 4 University First Rank holders and 4 University II Rank holders. Well equipped laboratory facilities help them acquire professional acumen, assuring them job opportunities. Under ‘Sri Yagna Biochemistry Forum’ Quiz Competition and Exhibitions are conducted regularly to bring out the talents of the students. Inter-Collegiate Conferences and Seminars are organized to create awareness and knowledge sharing among the students & faculty members in the emerging area of Biochemistry, with the involvement of eminent resource persons drawn from Industry and Institutions.

    B_Sc_ Biochemistry Syllabus (2017-18)

    B_Sc_ Biotechnology Syllabus (2017-18)

    Faculty members

    • Ms.KR.Geetha, M.Sc, M.Phil.
    • Ms.X.Josephin Vanitha Rani, M.Sc, M.Phil.
    • Ms.J.Kamalavani, M.Sc, (M.Phil.)


    The Department of Mathematics was established in 1997 with just two faculty members. Mathematics is central to all streams of study from Accounting to Aeronautics, Chemistry to Computer Sciences, Economics to Engineering and so on. Mathematics is the queen of Sciences. Its application tends to infinity. UG program in Mathematics was started in 2004 with 27 students and 6 faculty members. PG program M.Sc in Mathematics was started in 2013. Now the Department has attained tremendous growth and at present 110 students both UG & PG and 8 committed staff-members. We have provided best possible library & Inter-net facilities for our faculty & students. The Department has produced many University Rank holders and almost 100% success in University Examinations as a result of ceaseless efforts taken by the dedicated students & committed teachers. Ramanujan Forum has been functioning in the Department since 2003. It conducts Inter-Collegiate Seminars and Conferences, besides projecting to the world the greatness of Ramanujan, the extraordinary mathematic genius of our land. Our students & faculty of Mathematics have shown sterling performance by presenting papers in Conferences/Seminars. The Department has been growing, catering to the academic and intellectual needs.

    B_Sc_ Maths Syllabus (2017-18)

    M_Sc_ Mathematics Syllabus(2017-18)

    Faculty Members

    • Dr.Mrs.P.Bharathi, M.Sc, M.Phil,PGDCA,Ph.D.
    • Ms.SP.Thilagavathi, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed.
    • Ms.AR.PandiPriya , M.Sc, M.Phil, PGDCA.
    • Ms.P.Mahalakshmi, M.Sc, M.Phil.
    • Ms.K.Kamalachelvi, M.Sc, M.Phil.
    • Ms.R.Punidha, M.Sc, M.Phil.
    • Ms.K.Sangeetha, M.Sc, M.Phil.


    The Department of Computer Science has been functioning since the inception of the College in 1997, with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science. The Department was started with 33 students and 3 faculty members. Now it has grown to a strength of 133 students both UG & PG with 4 faculty members. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for I.T innovation, the Department produces quality professional. The Department started M.Sc. Computer Science & Information Technology program in the year 2008 with the aim of developing higher level competence in Computer Science & Information Technology and preparing the students to carry out challenging state of art work and take up challenges in research. The Department is equipped with good library and 75 systems with latest advanced configurations & internet facility. A Diploma program in Computer Applications, (DCA) has been offered since 2002-03. The Department produces many University Rank holders, including University First Rank holders amidst tough competition. Also many Inter-collegiate seminars and exhibitions are organized by the Computer Science Forum to motivate and enhance students in the current trends of the subject.

    B_Sc_ Computer Science Syllabus (2017-18)

    M_Sc_ Computer Science &IT Syllabus (2017-18)

    Faculty Members

    • Ms. A.R. Abirami Sundari, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed.
    • Ms. K. Bhuvaneswari, M.C.A, M.Phil.
    • Ms. B.Visalakshi, M.C.A.,M.Phil.
    • Ms. U.Deepa, M.C.A. M.Phil.


    The Department of Information Technology has been functioning since 2002. It was started with a minimum strength of 15 students and 3 staff members and now it has grown steadily to 56 students both UG & PG with 4 faculty members. The increasing role played by information technology in the development of society calls for a pro-active action to meet the needs of information society. The aim of the Department is to provide quality education to students to meet the challenges of the information society by well qualified and experienced members of the staff. A well-equipped computer laboratory having 75 systems with advanced configuration & internet facility takes care of the needs of the staff and students. Every year almost 100% success is achieved in University Examinations and many of our students obtained University Ranks. The Forum of Information Technology of the Department organizes many inter-collegiate Seminars and Conferences inviting eminent personalities in the field of Information Technology to share their knowledge and wisdom.

    B_Sc_ Information Tech_ Syllabus (2017-18)

    Faculty Members

    • Mrs. T. Kalaivani, M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed.
    • Ms.M.Priya, M.Sc, M.Phil.
    • Ms.K.Sheela, M.Sc, M.Phil.


    The Department of Business Administration is functioning right from inception of the college in 1997. Now it has 76 students and 5 faculty members. Our aim is to shape the students to become successful entrepreneurs & creative managers to meet the challenges of business in the global context. The thrust is on moulding the learners to convert their knowledge into skills to utilize the opportunities provided by the environment despite the threats by augmenting their strengths and annulling weaknesses, if any. Most of the students of this Department are well placed in reputed companies. Quality education with a stress on overall personality development is the hallmark of this Department. The Department has produced many University Ranks and almost made 100% success in University Examinations. Through the Commerce & Management Forum, the Department has organized many International Seminars, National Conferences and Inter-collegiate meets. Eminent delegates from home and abroad have delivered valuable lectures.

    BBA Syllabus(2017-18)

    Faculty Members

    • Dr.Mrs.S.Nagavalli, M.Com, M.Phil, B.Ed, Ph.D.
    • Ms.K.Muthushanthi, MCS, M.Phil,(M.Com).
    • Ms.V.Ranjitha M.Com CA, M.Phil.


    The Department of Commerce started its service in 1997 with the inception of the College. The Department was upgraded as post-graduate Department in 2004. At present, the Department has 98 students both UG & PG with 7 faculty members. The main objective is to promote knowledge on innovative business techniques, accountancy skills, leadership qualities and the like to suit the needs of contemporary business and to enable the students to get groomed as modern managers, efficient entrepreneurs and able accountants. The Department is well-equipped with good library & computer laboratory with high end configuration of systems. With the team of dedicated staff-members, the Department is doing yeomen service producing University Rank holders every year, besides University First Rank once. Students secure almost 100% success every year in University Examinations. A forum on Commerce & Management is functioning well to organize National & International level Seminars and Conferences to keep up with the changing complexities of Business and Commerce.

    B_Com_ Syllabus (2017-18)

    Faculty Members

    • Ms.R.Nithila,M.Com,M.Phil,Ph.D
    • Ms.G.Jothilakshmi, M.Com.
    • Ms.M.Shanthi, M.B.A, M.Phil.
    • Ms.S.Tamilselvi, M.Com, M.Phil.


    The Department of Commerce with Computer Applications has come into being since 2009. The Department offering B.Com(CA), has a tremendous growth in strength within a short span with 146 students and 4 faculty members. In the present context, efficient Accountants and Managers with sound knowledge in Computer Science are needed in Banks and Corporate sectors. The Department is functioning with adequate library facilities and a well equipped computer lab having 50 systems with high-tech configurations & internet facility. Committed faculty members strive hard to produce creative students with abundant knowledge. 100% success in University Examination has been achieved by the first outgoing graduates from the Department.

    B_Com_ CA Syllabus (2017-18)

    M_Com_ CA syllabus(2017-18)

    Faculty Members

    • Mrs.C.Uma, M.Com,M.B.A, M.Phil,(Ph.D).
    • P.Sivasankari,MBA, M.Phil
    • Ms.R.Rajakumari, M.Sc, M.Phil.
    • Ms.R.Kanaka, M.B.A, M.Phil.
    • Ms.K.Sasikala, M.Com, M.Phil.


    During 5th to 7 th Feb, the NAAC peer team consisting of the most articulate & experienced personalities visited and carried out its task of assessment of the College based on our Self-Study Report and vivid presentation of all stake holders of the College. The Team consisted of the revised personality as follows:

    CHAIRPERSON Prof.(Mrs).Bharathi Ray
    Former Pro-VC,University of Culcutta,
    West Bengal.
    COORDINATOR Prof.(Mrs).Mamata Satapathy
    Former Professor,Utkal University,
    MEMBER Dr.(Mrs).Ajay Sareen,
    R.R. Bawa Dav College for Girls,
    We are happy to announce that our College got the NAAC accreditation with 'B' Grade in March 2015.It is a moment of achievement,happiness and proud. I place on record our gratitude to our beloved secretary, revered IQAC team, dedicated faculty members and all the stake holders of the College.

    University Ranks
    The students of our college continuously bring laurels to our institution in academic and extracurricular activities. We are very proud and honour to note that two of our students from our college obtained University Ranks in various disciplines.

    University First Rank Holders

    S.No Year Name Discipline
    1 2003-2004 S.Gokila Biochemistry
    2 2004-2005 C.Muthayee Biochemistry
    3 2007-2008 S.Guhapriya Biochemistry
    4 2008-2009 C.Annapoorani Commerce
    5 2010-2011 R.Shalini Computer Science
    A.Hadeefa Begum Biochemistry
    6 2013-2014 G.Jothi M.Sc(C.S & I.T)
    7 2014-2015 A.NabilaBanu Biochemistry
    8 2014-2015 A.Kanaga B.B.A
    9 2016-2017 R.Jeyalakshmi M.Com
    10 2018-2019 R.Ragavi M.Com(CA)
    11 2018-2019 M.Anusiya Information Technology
    12 2018-2019 A.Rohini BBA

    Our Student Ms.C.Muthayee of BioChemistry has secured University Rank in Part-I Tamil (V Rank), Part-II English (IV Rank) and Part-III Major(III Rank) in the examinations conducted by Madurai Kamaraj University during 2004-05

    Outreach Activities

    Our students exhibited sterling talents in Co-curricular, Extra-curricular and Out-reach activities, including championship in Inter-Collegiate elocution and other competitions. Our students represented Alagappa University in South Zone Inter-University Competitions.

    • CSIR - Central Electro Chemical REsearch Institute, Karaikudi conducted a National Level Cultural Festival on 27th & 28th Feb 2015. S.HariPriya, I B.Sc.Mathematics won first prize in solo dance.
    • Forum of Science & Human Development, Karaikudi organized a Book exhibition and conducted various intercollegiate competitions at Kamban mani mandapam on 14th February 2015. In Short story writing competition, R.Mala II B.Sc.Maths & M.Kasthuri II B.Sc Maths won the first & third prizes respectively. R.Mala won the second prize in Book Evaluation.
    • On 3rd &4th March 2015, Dr.Umayal Ramanathan College for Women, Karaikiudi organized National level Conference on “Challenges & Opportunities of E-Commerce”. Five of our students presented papers on various topics.
    • On 30.09.2014, an inter-collegiate seminar was conducted by Arumugam Pllai Seethai Ammal College, Thiruppaathur. K.Sivaranjani & S.Sudha of III B.Sc., Biochemistry presented papers on pollution control. Ms.K.Sivaranjani got the ‘Best paper presenter Award’.
    • Sri Sevugan Annamali College, Devkottai conducted Tamil poetry competition on 27.12.2014.S.Nabila Banu , III Biochemistry won the first prize.
    • On 10.09.2014 Rotary club of Karaikudi conducted cultural competitions. S.Sudha won the first prize in solo Dance.
    • On behalf of Karaikudi Youth Red Cross, District level elocution competition was conducted on 31.07.2014. R.Nachal, I B.Com won the first prize.
    • Sri Ram Thiruvalluvar Ilikiya Kazhagam conducted an elocution competition on 03.08.2014. R.Nachal, I B.Com., won the first prize.
    • On 17.08.2014, Kaviyarasar Kannadhasan Social Arakkattalai conducted a poem recitation competition on at Karaikudi. R.Nachal, I B.Com won the first prize.
    • Winning Friends Club, Devakottai conducted various competitions on 17.08.2014. S.Rajarajeshwari II B.Sc. IT won the first prize in Tamil elocution competition. R.Tamilarasi, I B.B.A won the consolation prize in music competition.
    • Tamilnadu Government Forest Department, Sivaganga District conducted an elocution competition on 13.09.2014. S.Haripriya ,I B.Sc. Mathematics won the first prize.
    • Murasoli Arakkattalai Conducted Bharathidhasan Poem Recitation Competition at District Level on 27.7.2014. S.Haripriya, I B.Sc. Mathematics won the first Prize. R.Nachal, I B.Com won the Third Prize.
    • Spiritual Association conducted Thiruvasagam, Sivapuranam recitation competition on 15.09.2014. R.Nachal, I B.Com. won the first prize.
    • Thassim Bheevi Abdul Kadhar Womens College, Kilakkarai conducted an inter- collegiate competition ‘MATH WAR- 2014’ on 25.09.2014, M.Minarva III B.Sc. Mathematics won the first prize in paper presentation. M.Minarva, P.Pandeeswari, A.Gayathri of III B.Sc. Mathematics won the third prize in Quiz. S.Vaitheeswari, K.Gunawathi of III B.Sc., Mathematics won the second prize in rangoli. A. Gayathri, P.Pandeeswari of III B.Sc. Mathematics won the second prize in Face painting.

      The Cultural club of Alagappa University organized an Inter-Collegiate Talent Exhibit Show ‘ ALAGU AARAM – 2014’ from 20.02.2014 to 22.02.2014. About 30 affiliated Colleges of Alagappa University from Ramnad and Sivagangai districts participated. More than 100 students exhibited their talents in the talent exhibit show ‘ Alagu Aaram – 2014’. Our Student K.Revathi, III B.A Eng won the first prize in Rangoli competition. In Tamil elocution, K.Surya @ Mahasri won the first prize. S.Solai Abirami , I B.Sc., I.T won the first prize in classical instrument playing. In mime show our College team won the first prize. R.Mala , I B.Sc., Maths won the first prize & second prize in treatise competition & Posey competition respectively. In painting competition K.Revathi , III B.A Eng won the Second prize. In vocal solo, A.Devika , I B.Sc., I.T won the third prize. In classical dance K.Brindha , I B.B.A won the third prize. In group song competition our College team won the third prize .

      With the benign blessings of Annai Sarada Deviyar, we are pleased to record that our College won the coveted “Over All Winner Champion Award”. Also we have the privilege to record that our student K.Surya @ Mahasri won the “Best Performer Award”. Our hearty congratulations & felicitations to all our participants who brought laurels to our institution.

    • Alagappa Institute of Management, Karaikudi organized a State Level Cultural Fest ‘YUVASHETRA – 2014’ on 21.02 2014.Our Student Chitra , III B.Sc., C.S. won second prize in photography.
    • OUTSTANDING SERVICE in Blood Donation by Meenakshi Mission Hospital, 2007
    • APPRECIATION AWARD for Blood Donation by Blood Bank, Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai,2005.
    • CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION for Blood Donors Club by Rotary Club- 2000

    • Professional Excellence Award by Thavathiru Kundrakudi Adigalar College of Education, 2014.
    • Best Presenter Award in 9th TamilNadu Science Conference, 2009
    • Best Citizen of India by International Publishing House, New Delhi 2005.

      S.No Name Award Conducted By Year
      1 R.Nachaal State First in Elocution Competition Thirukural Association, Chennai 2014
      2 K.Suraya Best Performer Award in inter-Collegiate Competitions AlaguAaram -2014 Alagappa University 2014
      3 M.PadmaPriya Best Performer Award in inter-Collegiate Cultural Competitions Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women, Kilakarai 2009
      4 V.Vardhini Best NSS Volunteer Award Alagappa University. 2004